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Launching an online casino is like walking through a minefield. The complexity of a casino setup, the intransparency of various casino platform offerings (the price range in the market is between $300 to $250,000) and the vast amount of options can be confusing or even intimidating. And once the casino is up and running the challenging work of the player acquisition and player retention starts. At that point new casino operators often realize that they purchased the wrong product (casino platform) because they got blinded by shiny websites, bold promises and illusion.

Using this website might support you to avoid costly mistakes. E. g. use our casino platform selection criteria to distinguish trustworthy white label casino platform providers from the shady ones.

Casino platform selection criteria

There is not such a thing as a $500 white label casino in the market which will convert and make you money. That is illusion. Many newcomers in the casino business underestimate the required financial investment and the necessary amount of work and dedication to make a new online casino successful in the crowded gambling market. Our team of consultants supported during the last 10 years the launch of 50+ online casinos. Based on this experience this website provides you valuable selection criteria which should be reviewed and considered before a casino deal gets closed.

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What is required to run an online casino?

The failure rate of white label casinos is approx. 95%. That means only one out of twenty new casinos gets profitable. So why do you think that you will succeed (being the lucky one) and not end up with the nineteen failed casinos? Do you think that you are smarter than the other operators? We recommend that you walk through the list of qualification criteria for finding out if you have a chance to succeed.

Success Factors

Get the best casino deal

Keep one thing in mind before you start to deal with casino platform providers: You get for what you pay for, or: Who pays peanuts gets monkeys. Running an online casino is a serious and complex business. There is no shortcut to make big amounts of money without a substantial investment.

We at turnkeycasino.com are experienced casino consultants with many decades of combined experience in the field of online casino setup and casino marketing. If you are planning to operate your own casino, please consider to let us do the hard and difficult work to find the right provider and to launch your casino. Our special deals with market leading casino platform providers will save you time and money (lower setup fees) and our professional customer services ensure that your casino project won't become headache only.

If you have already a special white label casino provider in mind let us review your concept or business plan, negotiate with casino providers and prepare the signed casino operator agreement. That will safe you money and can rest assured that your casino deal is as safe as possible.

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